Digital Marketing

Google and YouTube are overwhelmingly the means to create digital marketing campaigns.  The issues are always:

How to reach the first few ads on the first Google page.  This is done by using good SEO (search engine optimization) that the Google algorithm will rate highly, inserting your "organic" (non-paid) ads at the top of the first page, where it is most seen by those searching your "keywords".

Creating the best keywords that fit your business or for which the customer is shopping.  This is a very creative process that, together, we do.

Appropriately using Google ad words (paid by an amount per click through to your site).  You must bid on how much you are willing to pay for higher placement on the page.  However, what is even more important to Google is the rating that they put on your ad.  This rating includes such things as the number of click throughs and the percentage of people on your site who do what you ask them to do, i.e,, fill out a form.

Now that Google has acquired YouTube, your videos will be ranked in the same fashion as your ads.  We can assist you in creating your video and positioning it as high up as possible on the Google pages for your keywords.