Color Palettes Are Not Just For Home Decor

Have you ever looked for a new home or a new apartment and realized that you definitely have to change the paint colors on the walls?  Sometimes you will find colors that just stress you out and you realize that you will want to come home to a calming place.

The same goes for the color palette on your website.  The color you use can either attract viewers to stay and browse around your site or quickly switch to a different url!

A starting point is the color of your logo.  It is a good idea to pull a color out of there to use as a dominant color since branding comes into play. Then pick complimentary colors that go well with your dominant color.  If you do not know how to choose complimentary colors, there are color palettes that can help you with this process. These palettes are very much like the color palettes you find in the paint department of a home improvement store.

Here are a couple of color palette generator sites: and

It is also important to consider your target audience.  Different colors affect people in different ways.  Red attracts impulsive shoppers and makes people hungry.  Have you noticed how many fast food restaurants or diners use this color in their decor.  Green represents wealth, growth, health, tranquility, and blue represents security, trust, strength, calmness and is therefore used a lot in corporate materials.  Keep this in mind and also make sure not to use too many colors, because your website can then look tacky like that home or apartment that made you cringe.


Caroline Williams

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