Avoid the Non-Secure Warning in Chrome 56


Chrome 56 has begun rolling out this past month and may impact HTTP websites (non-secure websites without a SSL Certificate).

Adding a SSL Certificate to your website, and making it a HTTPS website has many benefits:

  1. Your viewers can rest assured that any information they provide on your website will be encrypted.   This includes information such as name, email, passwords or credit card information.  This gives them a good user experience.
  2. Websites with SSL Certificates are ranked higher on Google.
  3. With a HTTPS website you get a green padlock in the URL bar stating your site is secure. The new Chrome 56 is gradually marking non-secure sites with a visible marking, which in time will be a red triangle with the words non-secure.

Google Chrome’s objective is to eventually make sure the average web user is always protected by making sure all websites are secure.  Google is making this HTTP to HTTPS change in gradual steps.  Websites without HTTPS will not be able to use privacy sensitive features such as geo location, therefore making them lose functionality.

For more info about SSL Certificates and Chrome updates, read this.


Caroline Williams






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